About Us

Hi, I’m Leialoha! 

Born in the Kingdom of  Hawaii relocated to the states at a very young age. My mother was native Hawaiian, my father was German, Pennsylvania Dutch, from Ohio. My father was stationed in Hawaii when he met my mother and married, I was born in Tripler Army Hospital, as was my brother, then my father wanted to move back to Ohio. Say, What?! Yep! More on that story later.

It is my desire to help others. Period. For a time after my children were nearly grown, I was thinking about how I could accomplish this desire. 

After many successes and failures, I came across a way to help others with printables. Affordable printables for others, my favorite being calendars and planners. 

I am a mother of 5 children.  All grown now and taking their life’s journey. I am a grandmother of 7, with a son who is about to become a husband for the first time, marrying a girl who wants to start a family immediately. How blessed can I be? I am blessed! 

Now I’m retired living in the Midwest with my husband and best friend, who is also retired. I always thought that I wanted a husband, who did not have to be rich, but he had to know how to make money and he had to be at least as smart as I think I am!  Hahaha, I did hit the jackpot on both. We aren’t rich but we live comfortably, in a Retirement Village.

I have short-term and long-term goals for this blog, site, store. The long term is to be able to specifically help teachers with printables that are not only affordable but actually assists them to be better organizers, teachers, and leaders!

Also eventually I will love to be able to teach others how to help themselves by learning herbs and essential oils.  I have been making my own salve that my family and friends have been using for years for things such as skin rashes, bug bites, aches and pains, and just minor things you wouldn’t go to the ER for but yet you would like some relief. 

I would love to be able to teach others how to Live with Motivation every day! And how to put into perspective those things that have happened to us from our past to make us a better tomorrow. It will be revealing and scary but I believe it will change us in a positive way.

I am so glad you stopped to visit! Take a look around in the store and see if there is anything that could help you be better and bring you closer to your goals for your life!

Save us in your favorites and check us out daily, or weekly as we learn and grow to help others!

Mahalo, thank you

Aloha until next time!